Disk Analyzer 1.9.21

Disk Analyzer 1.9.21


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A modern computer is a very difficult system for management. But, as well as any system, the computer has own structure filled with numerous interrelations and hierarchies of elements OCo files and folders. It is uneasy to understand this system as there may be hundred thousands of only files. And there are many files being absolutely useless for you and the system but occupying the disk space. Besides, a lot of useful files are located in directories, to which they shouldnOCOt belong on sense (for example AVI files in Music folder). A new Moleskinsoft disk usage analyzer OCo Directory Size will help you to understand all these and other subtleties of the disk space organization. Perhaps, this disk analyzer is the best one in the market. LetOCOs see. In the program there is a simple menu panel; all other commands are carried out in visual and user-friendly mode. The disk usage analyzer has convenient structure of windows moving on which it is possible to receive the demanded result. In the first window you receive a tree of folders and directories, in the second one OCo detailed structure of the analyzed folder (structure, size, quantity of files etc.), in the third one OCo graphic data presentation. The fourth window of disk analyzer works as a reference book and shows a current condition of the drives. The disk usage analyzer has the powerful tool of data analysis. Besides calculation of size, creation time and file owner this tool includes sorting of data according to the different bases (for example extension), the data filter (on mask, size and file owner). For fans of visual data presentation the disk analyzer allows to change schedules and diagrammes of disk usage to their taste. You can always keep the received results as CSV, TXT or HTML files.

Systems: Windows

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